Full Name

Gareth Vorster



I'm a

Pentathlete and student

In my spare time:

Train, go to the beach, do off road cycling, and hike.


Junior Laser Run World Champion and Senior Pentathlon African Champion

Proudest moment:

When I ran across the finish line at the Laser Run world champs and held the banner above my head. I couldn’t believe that I was the world champion!

I love my ECOXGEAR  EcoBoulder


It’s really loud, versatile and the music doesn’t distort when you turn the volume up. I take the Boulder everywhere I go. I have taken it on a road trip, to the beach, to sporting competitions, on camping trips and on the occasional braai with friends. I even swam in a lagoon with the Boulder floating next to me. The Boulder is perfect for training too. We play music at swim training all the time, it lightens the mood and we play certain songs for certain pacing speeds.

My favorite song is:

Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers

You can follow my adventures on:

To one day compete against my heroes. It keeps me driven and motivated.

Watching Usain Bolt break the 100m World Record.

I was never 100% sure what I wanted to be. I just knew that I had a passion for the outdoors and that if I had to work in an office I would never be happy.

I tend to listen to music without lyrics with a fast beat and I try to move to the rhythm when I train. Before a race I listen to songs that motivate me to do my best and overcome the challenges ahead. In my off time I like to listen to mellow music so that I can just relax and rest.

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