Full Name

Genevieve Maskell



I'm a

Farmers wife. Former international polo horse trainer and manager

In my spare time:

Ride horses, run and camp.


2nd Place Ladies 10k Cheltenham Road Multi-Terrain Off-Road

Proudest moment:

Summiting the Compasberg, Drakensberg, the highest peak in South Africa. Amazing heights and very scary winds!

I love my ECOXGEAR EcoCarbon


The sound is great, the battery lasts forever and it’s waterproof so we take it everywhere! It comes with us on the kayak or when we have a braai.

My favorite song is:

One Republic – I Lived

I live on a farm so its filled with my very own trail running routes.

Facundo Pieres, an Argentine Professional Polo player

My life on the farm is filled with fresh air, the beauty of nature and so much safe space that you can change your running and cycling route every day!

Robbie Williams, Ed Sheeran and Robbie Wessels.

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