Full Name

Henk Brand



I'm a

Freestyle Multi-Sport Adventurer

In my spare time:

I explore. I need to find new places, routes and off the beaten track lo-cations (mountains, caves, old mines, beaches, wrecks & city streets – you will be surprised how many secrets there are.

Proudest moment:

Solo summiting the 3,776m Mount Fuji in a 4-season weather condition day. 2.5 hours up and 1.5 hours down. Then having altitude sickness while waiting alone for 2 hours for the pick-up bus. I thought I was done!

I love my ECOXGEAR  EcoPebble + Suction Mount


I can take it on any adventure (ocean, mountain or urban).

My favorite song is:

Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers

You can follow my adventures on:

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